Monday, 7 March 2016

7 Ideas on how to save money on travel. #travel #moneysaving

In this post I want to tell you 7 ideas on how to save money on travel.

There are tricks to save money on holiday expenses! It is possible to save money not only on the tickets but also on things like transfers and accommodation!

1. Stay clear from packaged holidays.

Many times, cheaper prices are available in the same dates for the same trip. Look to book any flights, hotels and transfers after researching alternatives. Some of my personal favourites include:

 To book flights - skyscanner or kayak;

to book hotels -  *or *;

to book buses or transfers - eurolines or *.

2. Book in advance.

This is one of the biggest ways to save money on travel. It can be cheaper to buy two low cost tickets months in advance and not using one, than buying it last-minute for many times more. Don't believe me? try and book ticket or a hotel stay for next week, then try and book the same exact trip or hotel for 12 weeks from now. Surprised? Hotels and airlines rely on your bad planning skills to achieve greater profits!

3. Haggle.

Haggling is not reserved just for that market stall in Morocco. Try this: check a hotel's rate in one of the aforementioned websites. Then, contact the hotel directly and ask if they can beat it. Sometimes they match it for a better room, other times they outright beat it if you book directly. They keep more of the profit and you pay less!

4. Scout destination!

Research your destination's public transport system, and purchase transfers in advance if necessary.
Of special importance in many of the beach based destinations; Local authorities and companies rely on tourist money to fill their coffers, so they will make information regarding public transport difficult for you to access when there. I have been to a few islands in the mediterranean where, if not aware, the only option will seem to be a taxi! The difference can be staggering (€3 on a bus vs €30 on a taxi!). Save your hard earned cash for some well deserved entertainment!

5. Fly open-jaw.

 A more extreme way of saving, for the more savvy is to explore and book open-jaw tickets. It might mean traveling a bit to or from your final destination, but there is a huge savings potential. It is particularly useful, if you combine trips. For instance, if instead of purchasing a return flight between the UK and the US you were to visit Paris or Amsterdam, you could save in the hundreds! And, if connecting for longer, also enjoy a small city break!

6. Buy flexi.

Easyjet has a flexi ticket loophole which allows you to book a cheaper ticket, and then change it to a different date. Worth it if the dates you intend on flying in are busy periods, such as christmas or easter. Book your ticket as flexi for a cheaper date, and then change it to that premium date, such as bank holidays or weekends.

7. Use cashback websites.

As with any other big expenses, as important as doing your research, is getting some money back from it! Bear in mind it should not influence what you ultimately buy. But a quick check can net you some money back! The one I personally use? Topcashback!*

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These are the methods I use, and I am certain there are many more out there.
I hope this is of some use to you ! Feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree!


*This is a referral link - it proves I do use it myself and is a good tip!

Monday, 15 February 2016

10 Tips for a more comfortable flight !

In this post, I want to tell you some tips for a more comfortable flight!

Some of these tips will be extra useful in certain circumstances, so do read on!

Probably one of the most important tips, and one that always ensures I start my trip in a relaxed manner: Wherever possible, check-in online! There is nothing worse than starting your trip with an hour long queue at the airport's check-in desk - all the while whilst watching passengers who arrived later than you, going straight through to security.

Like many people who like travelling, when it comes to flying I do enjoy buying the cheapest seats possible! However, some airlines do still allow for seat reservation, sometimes for free! Especially useful in the long-haul flights, you should look for this facility, often after the ticket purchase has been made! Don't assume that just because you have been randomly been assigned a seat, that you can't change it, in many instances you can! And it really does make a big different to your level of comfort - Aim for a window seat(more headspace) somewhere where you can recline!

Likewise, if flying in a "cheaper" airline, be prepared to be charged for commodities such as neck pillows, ear plugs or blankets! If planning on sleeping, it is worth considering bringing some or all of these with you!

This same advice goes for food! Many travellers don't realise that many food items can be taken through security - I try my best to avoid ever purchasing an overpriced stale sandwich whilst flying, and so should you!
Possibly a comfortable flight?

When travelling by any means of transport, entertainment is vital! Do consider non-electronic forms of entertainment as well, especially if no plugs are available - no one wants to arrive at their destination with a flat battery! Consider crosswords, sudoku, or just a good book! If watching a film or series, do bring some earphones! If travelling with another person, consider bringing an earphone splitter and watching a film together! It is a non-expensive way of ensuring entertainment for the pair!

Minimise luggage! Seems like an obvious advice.. but every time I travel I see fellow passengers struggling with their oversized bag, sometimes bags! Though the idea of that extra pair of shoes or jeans might sound appealing, consider how much nicer your travel experience will be when you don't have to sweat just to try and make it onto and out of each means of transportation!

If you are boarding your flight with a carry on, consider volunteering to have your luggage moved to the hold during boarding. If the flight is a particularly busy one, sometimes airline staff will be looking to take some passengers' carry on luggage, and stash it in the hold instead. This is free of charge, and will allow for a much more comfortable experience - no carrying your luggage up and down the aisles!

If you are flying with children, it is important to ensure that, if of age, they know what is happening. A scared child will make travel more difficult.If your children are particularly young, consider bringing some ear plugs and offering them to people around you. It may help that fellow passengers understand that you are in control of the situation and doing your best to minimise disturbance. If your children usually sleep with a soft toy, consider bringing it along to help them rest.

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